Affordable Cleaning Services provides are wide array of carpet, home and upholstery cleaning to exceed your expectations. From the largest office spaces, homes and exteriors to the smallest rooms, apartments or furniture we exercise the utmost care and attention to detail to make sure your space is spotless. From the outside to the inside, from the carpets to the ceiling and everything in between, no job is too big or too small for Affordable Cleaning Service in Rhode Island.

                                             Some Services We Offer: 
                                                    *Carpet/Rug Cleaning
                                                    *Upholstery Cleaning
                                                    *Moving Cleaning
                                                    *Residential Cleaning

We are a fully insured, licensed and bonded company with trusted, certified employees serving every client. We utilize tough-acting cleaning materials and tools that eliminate stains, mold, spots, dust, dirt and other debris from your home or office without damaging your furniture or disrupting the clean, fresh air you breathe. From damp basements to dusty attics, dirty siding, decks and windows, stained carpets, yellowed floors and much more, we tackle every surface and room in your home or office. We use deep carpet cleaners, power washers, floor waxing and stripping, gentle and effective upholstery cleaners and a wide array of everyday cleaners to give you a deep, heavy-duty, one-time clean or maintain a fresh, clean, organized space on a regular basis.

Keeping a clean, orderly space free of dust, dirt and clutter not only makes a lasting impression on guests and colleagues, but also gives you peace of mind and a stress-free environment to live and work in. We provide cleaning and removal services to help you get organized and maintain your ideal space. You can jumpstart your cleaning with professional assistance and start fresh with a open, organized, comfortable space you can enjoy. We assist clients in all stages of cleaning and organization, whether you are tackling your overstocked garage or attic, cleaning up your basement to remodel, need help with annual spring cleaning, you want to reorganize your office building, or you have a house full of things and you don’t know where to start. We will help you put on the finishing touches to your new space with a deep clean, or help you get started with an all-over clean-up from top to bottom.

If you are preparing to move, a deep clean is the perfect way to begin staging your home. Prospective buyers seek to visualize your home as they would live in it, and stains, dust, dirt or debris can be distracting. Dingy siding and windows detract from your curb appeal and can deter buyers that might otherwise love your home. Old floors, mold spots, dusty furniture, debris from remodeling and other distractions drive down the value of your home and mask its inner beauty. With seamless upholstery and carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, power washing, debris removal and more, Affordable Cleaning Services solves all these problems and gives you a glowing exterior that will bring buyers in and a fresh, spotless interior that will close the deal.

Regularly scheduled cleaning services save you time and energy, allowing you to spend more time with your loved ones and the things you care about most. We not only clean homes, but also businesses, cars, RVs, and boats so you can enjoy all your favorite spaces in the best shape. We customize every cleaning plan to meet your needs, schedule and budget, whether you need regular vacuuming and trash removal at your office, full-scale clean-up after parties and functions, or a thorough home clean to ensure a safe, sanitary environment for young children. Affordable Cleaning Services makes it easy to prepare for a seasonal party at your home, impress new clients at your office, get ready for new remodeling, clean up your car to maximize your trade-in value, or finish up after any occasion. Worrying about long hours of cleaning is no longer an obstacle to expanding your guest list and throwing fun, festive parties; simply call Affordable Cleaning Services and we’ll take care of the clean-up for you.

We provide a wide array of residential, commercial and specialized services to benefit the community. We are happy to assist management companies, social workers, non-profits and other groups to make sure everyone in our neighborhood enjoys a clean, safe, sanitary environment. Our cleaning services meet state regulations for specialized facilities and we clean each surface thoroughly to eliminate germs and viruses and make the space shine. We are committed to improving the quality of life wherever we go, and we are proud to assist our community’s elderly, disabled and needy in maintaining a clean, enjoyable living environment.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your surfaces are sanitized and your home truly represents you. Give us a call today to learn more about our customized cleaning plans on a schedule that works for you and tell us how we can assist you at your home or office. 

"You gave my life a big lift when I saw the job you did in my home. I was very lucky to find honest hardworking people like you to clean my place. Thank you for the perfect job you did. I will definitely tell my friends and co-workers about you. Count on me to be your customer for life."
Karen Hutton
East Greenwich, RI

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